2023 NTCAM On the Move: Interweaving Travelers


2023 NTCAM On the Move: Interweaving Travelers


CHENG Shang-Hsi


CHEN Yow-Ruu

AU Sow Yee


HUANG Hai-Hsin

KATO Tsubasa


Luka Yuanyuan YANG

Thao Nguyen PHAN

Writing FACTory

YEE I-Lann

The inspiration behind the name "游人如織" (Interweaving Travelers) is derived from a Chinese idiom, symbolizing the countless travelers as intricately woven pieces of brocade, layer upon layer. The exhibition's concept expands upon this metaphor with the aim of exploring the interconnectivity and complexity of global mobility. Especially in the post-pandemic era, as people once again regain the "freedom" to move, this exhibition, on the one hand, examines the co-constructive relationship between mobility and contemporary globalization, and, on the other hand, seeks to critically reexamine the fundamental essence of "mobility," exploring its potential to transcend national governance, geopolitical conflicts, and the influence of capitalist expansion.

Drawing from the "new mobilities paradigm" proposed by John Urry and his collaborators, the exhibition focuses on how the mobility of people and objects constructs social phenomena, organizes and coordinates social actions, and shapes spaces and places. The exhibition approaches its discussion from four perspectives, including "tourists/wandering travelers as subjects," "ways of seeing and the construction of landscapes," " anecdotes and oddities," and "relational spaces and communities."Through the observation, narration, questioning, and construction of contexts in the artworks by the artists, the exhibition hopes to create moments of reflexivity for the viewers.

  • Curator: Hsieh Feng-Rong
    Organizer: New Taipei City Art Museum

2023-11-10 — 2024-03-03


Creative Cluster, New Taipei City Art Museum