Interdisciplinary and expansion: imagining a new art museum - a conversation with Lai Hsiang-Ling and Su Yao-Hua

The column"The consultant of New Taipei City Art Museum: Special with Lai Hsiang-Ling" discusses various topics related to art museums in each episode, featuring discussions with experts. The opening of the NTCAM in April served as inspiration for this issue, and Lai Hsiang-Ling invited Su Yao-Hua to explore the world from the perspective of New Taipei City, initiating a dialogue between museums and their localities. In a bid to ignite creativity and excitement for the forthcoming art museum, the exhibition takes inspiration from various global examples. For instance, "Gallery One" at Mplus (M+), curated by The Cleveland Museum of Art in the United States, introduces an innovative exhibition concept while "JR: Chronicles" revolutionizes the notion of 'local' through collaborative endeavors.

In the dialogue between the two, a fresh idea is presented that art museums should not be limited to being mere exhibition spaces, places for conserving or creating art. Instead, they should constantly push their boundaries and explore endless possibilities. In today's world, art museums can even integrate into our daily lives.

Moreover, apart from engaging with foreign nations, Taiwanese art museums have made significant strides in communicating with their local residents. In the past, these institutions were viewed as repositories of knowledge and served as an extension of classroom education. However, in today's world where information is readily available everywhere, people place greater importance on human connections. As a result, many art museums now strive to become "the living room of the citizens," offering free access to exhibitions and artwork that can be integrated into daily life.

Contemporary museums are undergoing a transformation, opening their doors to more people and inspiring artistic communities to propose new values, horizons, and approaches that align with current trends and social movements. This is precisely the mission of the New Taipei City Art Museum - to be a universal, inclusive art museum that encourages social change.

Interdisciplinary and expansion: imagining a new art museum - a conversation with Lai Hsiang-Ling and Su Yao-Hua

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